Panama Mission 2022

In August 2022, members of the congregation and members of the college group 708, and a parent, went on a mission trip to the nation of Panama. The trip was spearheaded by Phil Waggoner from the Crieve Hall Congregation in Nashville and Tim Haywood from Johnson City. Both Tim and Phil have had extensive experience participating in as well as guiding mission work in Central America.

The mission team consisted of Josh Alley, Tim Haywood, Maddie Henry, Jenna Jacobs, Josh Johnson, Brent Parrett, Jessica Parrett, Sierra Tate, Phil Waggoner, and Julia Zebrowski.  

Panama Mission Team

The area of focus was the northern region of Panama in the village of Valle Risco. The minister at the Church of Christ in Valle Risco is Gilberto Blandford. Brother Gilberto is on fire for the Lord and wants to bring his whole community to Christ. This evangelism effort was the first campaign for the Church of Christ in Panama since the country locked down for Covid in March 2020.

Brother Gilberto and his wife.

Great works were accomplished and the gospel was preached to many! Praise God! Teams of workers set out each day and a total of 240 Bible studies took place. Over 498 people heard the gospel preached in those studies.

Each day the ladies of our group held a VBS for the children of Valle Risco. It began the day before we arrived with 70 students, but by the last day of our VBS there were 277 children singing, crafting, and learning about God’s word! Attendance grew each day and the ladies of the group are to be commended for their hard work and positive example.

A large VBS

There were 11 classes at the local school that were taught the gospel, in Valle Risco. There were a total of 221 students in attendance. Spontaneous preaching occurred throughout the village of Valle Risco. Men could be found preaching at bus stops, hospitals, schools, and public merchants. The Panamanians had a hunger for truth!

Each evening a Gospel Meeting was held at a local community center shelter that was large enough to hold all in attendance. 746 souls heard the preaching by the end of the week at the nightly meeting. Tim Haywood and Josh Johnson were able to teach teen classes during the evening sessions on 3 separate occasions.

A large area was necessary for Gospel Meetings each night.

It is certain that a lot of seed was planted during the week, and there is much good that will still come of it that we might not learn about this side of Heaven. During the week there were 2 restorations and 5 baptisms. Please remember these souls in your prayers. In fact, pray for all of our brothers and sisters in Valle Risco and the encouraging example they are setting for us all.