Standing On His Shoulders

A Tribute to Ron Whitson, (1956-2016)
Ron Whitson was a dedicated and active servant of the Lord. For the last few years of his life he served as a deacon for the Central Church of Christ. Before his appointment as a deacon, he demonstrated initiative and self-drive in various areas of service.

This web site,, preceded Ron’s service at Central, but he breathed new life into it upon identifying with us. He diligently worked to keep it updated with fresh information, new features, and relevant content. No one can say how many hours he devoted to this service, but obviously there were many.

With Ron’s sudden and untimely departure, we’re scrambling to fill the void he leaves. is being assumed by capable and faithful servants, and we hope (as Ron would himself set out to do) that this site becomes even more useful as time goes by.

As we begin the task of moving forward without our dear brother, let us make known to all that we would not be where we are today without the skill and expertise he brought to his assigned areas. If GraceMine flourishes, it will be because Ron prepared us for better things.